Pure Technology Solutions

We offer several different packages for computer repair:

The base Diagnostic Fee - $49 - inform you what's wrong with your computer's hardware and software. This is the minimum price.

Infection Removal/Software Cleanup and optimization: $75 to $99. Varies depending on how friendly it is to fix your computer. Slower computers make for more difficult repairs.


Basic Rebuild - $99 - Operating system reinstall with drivers and anti virus

Standard Rebuild - $149 - Basic Rebuild complete with fully updated operating system and security programs

Ultimate Rebuild - $199 - Standard Rebuild complete with data recovery and transfer to new system

Clone + Cleanup - $125 - Clone your original hard drive to a new one complete with the Infection Removal/Software Cleanup package.

Data Deletion:

Recycle - Free - We will recycle your drive and the company we recycle with cleans your drive.

Standard - $35 - Format the hard drive, rendering the system non bootable. Recommended for non sensitive data.

Department of Defense - $49 - Overwrite each drive sector three times to ensure permanent deletion. Recommended for sensitive data.

Please return home and contact us if your problem does not fit one of the above designations.

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